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John Weiler
Something About You (Poem)
One Day you Will See! (Poem)
Feelings Of Love (Poem)
Junkyard Battles (Robot Story)
On The Day I Met You (Poem)
Feelings (Poem)
Trust (Poem)
Life Is A Prison (Poem)
Everytime I See You (Poem)
Clouds Of Love (Poem)
When I Look To The Sky (Poem)
Forever (Poem)
When I (Poem)
Seasons Of Love (Poem)
You (Poem)
Junior Dectective League (Mystery Story's)
Force Of Nature (Super Hero)
Mind Burst (Super Hero)
Haru Hiroshi (Ninjas)
Raidon Of The Sand (Book)

John Weiler's Homepage........

Hello, my name is John Weiler and it looks like you found my home page.... My website is dedicated to it is all about me and it host's some of the creative things i do such as my Games, Storys, Poems and Book's! i hop you enjoy my work!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be adding new poems and story's all the time so bookmark my page and check it out as much as possible.... My site will also include educational essays about... well about everything from biographys to Info about different interesting things..........

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I have also Created my own Rpg called Dungeon Quest!

In Addition I have Created a Magic The Gathering Website so check it out as well.


Enjoy my site and please come back.......

"Only God Can Judge Me!"