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John Weiler
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This is a poem i wrote about trust after i made a mistake and cheated on a wonderful Girl by the name Of Ashley N!

As long as you trust me,
We will always be,
together in our heart's,
together in our minds,

As long as you trust me,
our love will run free,
you and me, will always be.

I am one in a million,
you are one in a billion,
with your soft hair,
and beautiful eyes,
you make me realize.

That our relationship wont last forever,
no matter how hard we try,
im pouring my heart out to you,
hopeing you will decide to trust me,
for I want us to be together,
and I wany our love to go away never,
so as long as our trust is always there,
We will be together untill the end of time.

Ashley im sorry for the horrible things ive done to you i hope this poem helps you realize that i care about you and i made a stupid human mistake......

"Only God Can Judge Me!"