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John Weiler

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On the day I met you,
my heart stopped beating,
It froze with desire,
at what I was seeing.

I first noticed your gleaming smile,
to see it everyday Id gladley walk a mile.
I asked your friend "Whats her name?"
"Ashley" She replied
and at once I was lost in my mind.

I couldn't help but think about you all day long,
I heard your name in every love song,
Now im looking for the line,
to tell you, your as beautiful as a ray of sunshine
now that you know how i feel
I hope someday it will be real.

My poem is not yet done,
for i still have something on my mind
a question, you can answer yes or no
If it is yes I will be forever happy,
If it is no I will feel forever crappy.

So here come's the line,
where I ask you,
"Will you be mine?"

"Only God Can Judge Me!"