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John Weiler

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This is a poem i wrote about my feelings twoards a girl i love.

I have feeling's for the girl I see,
I wonder what she thinks of me,
or if we will ever be.
I wonder if she has a boyfriend,
or a broken heart my love could mend.

When you smile at me,
I feel so much pride,
It's something i can not hide.
I think you are so beautiful.
Like and angel sent from above,
to come down and shower me with love.

I want to talk to you.
But when I try im lost for words.
Your beauty does strange things to me.
I wonder what it could be.

Now, I know what it is,
It is your beautiful smile,
and your sparkiling eyes,
It's all these things and more.

I wonder if you like me.
I want to ask you out.
But the words wont come out.
So I decided to write you a poem,
to tell you the way I feel,
I hope someday, this realtionship will be real.

Please Enjoy my work and i hope it inspires those who read it!

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"Only God Can Judge Me!"