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John Weiler

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Feelings Of Love!

I Have feelings of love for the girl I see,
Does she love me too? What does she think of me?

I wish I could tell her how she makes me whole,
but I am afriad to say whats deep in my soul.

I dont want to loose her, for I would be alone,
and somedays i would miss talking to her on the phone.

She does certain things to make me feel loved,
sometimes when she wants to be alone, my heart is shoved.

I want to feel as though I am her safeguard,
so she can come to me when things get hard.

I will always be there to help her along,
I will always be there to help her fell strog.

People live,
People die,
People laugh,
People Cry,
Some give up,
Some will try,
Some say hi,
Some say bye,
Others may forget you,
But never will I.......

Remember Poems are Feelings that have been written down and they came from the heart....

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"Only God Can Judge Me!"