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John Weiler
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Raidon Of The Sand (Book)

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Once a young boy was born in a small desert area his parents named him Raidon. As Raidon grew up his parents new he was very agile and smart. When Raidon was about thirteen years of age his parents and he were out shopping in the small town of Kameko where they lived when a bunch of men ridding black stallions came ridding threw the town torching everything to the ground. All the people ran in fear of the Black Riders except Raidons parents His mother and Father stood in the street ready to defend the place where they had lived for so long. "Get out of the way you fools!" said a harsh voice that pierced the ears of Raidon and his parents. "No!" said his parents. "This is our town why dont you raid somewhere else?" "Because," said the harsh voice we need a place to turn into our lair a place where we can hatch our evil plans, a place where we can train are army and this, this is that place." The man in the black robes laughed a harsh laugh. "Now move or die!" he said "We would rather die!" Then let scum like you take over out land!" said Raidon's parents "Then so be it!" said the man in black He waved two of his minions over to kill Raidon's parents. But Raidons parents were ready and so was Raidon. The first Black Rider charged at Raidon's father at full speed when the Black Rider was about fifteen feet away Raidon's father jumped into the air pulled a knife from his belt and sent it soaring at the black rider at tremendous speed. The knife hit the Black Rider in the chest and knocked him off his horse the horse speed towards Raidon's father but Raidon's father was to quick he jumped into the air and landed on the horses back. He the pulled his wife onto the horse with him. "If a fight is what you want, a fight is what you will get." "Very impressive." said the Black Rider clapping "but how many can you take on at once?" with his last words said, over one hundred Black Riders came out of the shadows. They were surrounded. Raidon's father looked around to see where his son was and he seen him on top of a small building and smiled. "Is this all you've got?" said his father in a cocky tone. "Yes, and I'm sure that it is more then enough to take you!" said the Black Rider. Charge yelled the Black Rider in his harsh rasping voice.

As they Black Riders started to charge Raidon pulled knifes out the box next to him and threw them at the Black Riders. Both riders hit the floor. Raidon's father pulled out his sword and his wife pulled out her knifes. "Are you ready my dear?" "As ready as I ever will be!" she said Then they charged at the nearest Black Rider. As Raidon's father slayed them with his sword Raidon's mother threw Knives at the Riders that were getting near. Finally the Lead Black Rider screamed and everything stopped. "Enough!" He yelled "You are a very great fighter!" said the Black Rider rather surprised "I want to offer you a position as a Black Rider." He said as he paused for a breathe "So what do you say?" "Never!" Yelled Raidon's father "I will never join the Black Riders, Id rather die then join you!" "Very well then," said the Black Rider. "My name is Sorath." Said the Rider. "What is your name?" Raidon's father answered "My name is Yutaka" said Raidon's father with pride. "Well Yutaka I have an Idea Lets fight in a one on one battle if I win you and your wife must become Black Riders." "And if you loose?" asked Yutaka. "I was getting to that, If I loose you and your town will be left alone until the end of time. said the Rider "The winner will be the one who can draw blood first, Do you except?" Yutaka looked at his wife "I must do this!" he said it;s the only way. "Very well," said his wife as she kissed him on his forehead, "Let the luck of the God's be with you. "I Except Sorath!" Yelled Yutaka as he got off his horse and stood in the middle of the circle that the Black Riders had made. "That is good," said Sorath as he got off his horse. "I hope you are ready for this," said Sorath in his cruel rasp voice. Then let the fight begin they both said at once.

Yutaka wasted no time he charged at Sorath with his blade straight out. Sorath moved with super speed. "How?" "I am a Black Rider and we are blessed with magical powers, but dont worry you'll learn more about them soon enough." He said as a cruel laugh escaped his mouth. Yutaka pulled three knives from his belt and sent them soaring Sorath's way. Sorath's robe stretched out and knocked the knives into the sand. Then his robe turned into what looked like large spikes on a rope. I hope you are ready to loose said Sorath as he charged towards Yutaka. Yutaka was ready for Sorath and quickly did a black flip then he did another flip dodging each blade. "I under estimated you!" said Sorath sounding a little surprised. "But no matter you still wont win!" Yutaka threw a knife in the space where Sorath's face was but he moved just in time with supper, supper speed Then He rose up and lifted his hands into the air and said a very quiet incantation. Yutaka didnt know what was about to happen but he was ready to move then he noticed his whole body was frozen. He couldn't move a muscle. "What is going on?" He demanded an answer he was totally bewildered. "Well Yutaka this is where you loose, we made no stipulations saying magic wasnt allowed. "You scoundr.." Yutaka stopped for he knew Sorath was right they made no stipulations therefore Sorath was able to use his magic. Sorath laughed his rasp laugh then he walked over and his gray hand slid out from his robe and he slashed Yutaka across the face with is long sharp fingernails making five bloody lines across Yutaka's face. "You Loose!" said Sorath as his spell faded Yutaka fell to the floor. I cant believe I lost!" He said as he pounded the sand with his fist now I am a..a Black Rider. Now said Sorath let this man and his wife be a lesson never cross the trail of a Black Rider. Sorath picked Yutaka and his wife up and put them on a horse then he headed to the dark forest to gather his men.

Nooooooooooooo Yelled Raidon as he watched his mother and father be taken into the dark forest to become Black Riders. A single tear fell from his eye and he quickly whipped it away. Dont worry father he said to himself I swear I will battle Sorath and free you and mom from your lifetime of Blackness. That day Raidon changed for the better he trained and prepared every day for the day where he would go to the dark forest to save his parents.

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"Only God Can Judge Me!"