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Fire Spells

Fire Spells are prohibited to Magic-Users ONLY!!!!!

Enjoy combat with these Deadly and Fun Spells!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fireball: Creates a giant bolder sized ball of fire that can hit any one enemy for 10 damage.
Price: 500 Gold

Sparkspray: Creates a feild of sparks that can hit 5 enemys for 2 damage each.
Price: 100 Gold

Lava Flow: Shoots a giant stream of extremely hot magma at any enemy's within your sight and can do 3 damage to each of them.
Price: 200 Gold

Flame Wave: A giant wave of flames hits all enemys in the room that you are in for 5 damage.
Price: 400 Gold

Acid Rain: Deals all enemy characters that are in the same room as you 10 damage.
Price: 800 Gold

Fireproof: You can be harmed by fire spells.
Price 100 Gold

Inferno: Shoots out flame out of your weapon. (Deals 5 damage to any one opponent).

Price: 600 Gold

Fire Wall: Impenatrable wall of flames. (except water).

Price: 900 Gold

Summon Fire Elemental: Create a 20 foot tall fire elemental with 20 attack 20 def and 100 body.
Price: 1000 Gold.

Charge of Morrigan: When cast this spell creates an army of 100 flame warriors that trample all enemys dealing 100 damage divided the way you choose.

Price: 50,000 Gold

Beam of the Beholder: This spell creates a giant glowing red beam that can deal 30 damage to anyone in the room.

Price: 12,000 Gold

Hell’s Eternal Flame Storm: This spell creates a massive flaming tornado that deals 50 damage to every enemy in the room and 10 fire damage each turn.

Price: 300,000 Gold

Flare Shot: This spell deals 20 damage to all enemies in the room and stuns them for 3 turns.

Price: 15,000 Gold

Fire mage Shield: This spell surrounds the party with a fire shield that gives them Fire and Shadow spell resistance and deals 10 damage to any enemy who touches it.

Price: 20,000 Gold


If you have any new Fire Spells or Items and Ideas please E-Mail them too you know where I hope.