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Inventory 2

This is the second page of weapons for the Dungeon Quest rpg.

Name: Emerald Bow
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability: Deals 5 damaged when used.

Name: Silver Stake
Price: 100 Gold
Ability: Can kill a vampire upon contact. ( can be thrown.)

Name: DragonBlade
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability: Deals 10 damage and can kill a dragon instantly.

Name: Custodus Long Bow
Price: 10,000 Gold
Ability: Deals 10 damage x2 also deals 2 shock damage.(x2 means you can hit two diffrent targets for 10 each or one target for 2.)

Name: Dwarven Broad Axe
Price: 8,000 Gold
Ability: Deals 15 extra damage and gives you +2 Defence

Name: Hunters Bow
Price: 300 Gold
Ability: Deals 3 damage for each shot.

Name: Twin Ice Axe
Price: 10,000 Gold
Ability: Deals 20 damage +3 freeze damage each turn.

Name: Giant Hammer
Price: 1000 Gold
Ability: Deals 5 extra damage.

Name: Spear
Price: 100 Gold
Ability: Throw to deal 3 damage.

Name: Extending Sword
Price: 1000 Gold
Ability: Deals 3 damage to all enemys around you. (Cant be defended)

Name: Dwarven Shield
Price: 500 Gold
Ability:Gives +5 Defense and wind spell resistance (wind spells cant be used against you)

Name: Elven Shield
Price:500 Gold
Ability: gives +3 defense and regeneration (heals 2 body points each turn)

Name:Dragon Scale Shield
Price: 500 Gold
Ability: Gives +2 defense. Wind and Water Resistance

Name: Tool Kit
Price: 100 Gold
Ability: Can be used to search for and diasarm traps.

Name: Lock Picking Kit
Price: 500 Gold
Ability: Can be used to open any lock.

If You have any weapon ideas please post a message. Thank You, Neo555


New Weapons Will Be Added Daily!!!!!!