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Water Spells

If you are a wizard/witch/sorcerer or sorceress you can buy spells.

Wall of Water: Makes a giant wall of water that gives the caster and any players around him/her +5 Def.
Price: 200 Gold

Tidal Wave: Makes a giant wave that splahes into all enemys around you dealing them each 5 damage.
Price: 300 Gold

Water Fall: Drops one ton of water on any enemy dealing it 15 damage.
Price: 500 Gold

Healing Rain: Heals all friendly characters in the room for 5 body points.
Price: 300 Gold

Whirlpool: Makes a giant whirlpool that can suck up any enemy dealing it 10 damage.
Price: 400 Gold

Water vision: This spell lets the subject see through water to find Sunken-Treasures and lurking monsters of the deep.
Price: 100 Gold

Ice Spear: This spell creates a frozen spear that can be thrown to deal 3 damage. +2 Ice Damage and a chance to freeze the opponent for 1 turn on a roll of 4 or more.
Price: 200 Gold

Icy Floor: Covers any 10 blocks with slick ice enemys cannot move for 2 turns until the ice melts.
Price: 100 Gold

Body Freeze: Turns an enemy into an ice statue giving them 2 ice damage per turn for 5 turns. (10 dmg.)
Price: 300 Gold

Summon Water Elemental: Creates a 20 Foot Tall water-elemental with 20 atk 20 def and 100 body.
Price:1000 Gold

Frost Blast: Deals 10 damage and freezes the enemy. ( They cannot move for 2 turns.)

Price: 500 Gold

Wall of Ice: Creates a giant wall of ice with 50 defense that wont let your enemies to hit you untill they break it down.

Price: 3,000 Gold

Counter Spell: When an enemy uses a spell on you it hits them instead.

Price: 100 Gold

Bubble Blast: This spell creates a beam of bubbles that deals 10 damage to any enemy in the room.

Price: 500 Gold

Typhoon’s Rage: When cast this spell drops tons upon tons of water to any enemies dealing 40 damage to be divided how you choose.

Price: 15,000 Gold

Might of Thyrm: This spell can be cast on anyone. It gives them +30 attack. Also it gives them magic resistance and immunity to water spells

Price: 15,000 Gold

Water Walk: This spell allows the caster to walk on any watery surface:

Price: 300 Gold

Create Fog Cloud: This spell creates a mist around you that lets you attack without the enemy being able to block.

Price: 3000 Gold

Control Water: This spell allows you to control water making it rise or drain.

Price: 7,000 Gold

Tidal Flood of Death: This spell fills the room with water crushing the lungs of all enemies in the room killing them automatically. (Can not be used on a boss)

Price: 25,000 Gold


More Water Spells coming soon!!!!!


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