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Animal Spells

These spells are spells that control animals in order to fight!

Name Beast Soother
Ability: Lets the caster calm down a single wild animal.
Price:100 Gold

Name: Beast Summoning
Ability: Lets the caster call any animal to do whatever he/she wants.
Price: 1000 Gold

Name: Insect Control
Ability: Lets the caster control the actions of one large insect or a swarm of a thousand ordinary sized insects.
Price 300 Gold

Name: Fish Control
Ability: Lets the caster control the actions of any sea creature.
Price: 500 Gold

Name: Bird Control
Ability: Lets the caster control the actions of any type of bird.
Price: 400 Gold

Name: Mammal Control
Ability: Lets the caster control the actions of any mammal.
Price: 1000 Gold

Name: Rider
Ability: Lets the Caster mount and ride a controlled creature as though it were a well trained loyal animal.
Price: 3000 Gold

Name: Beast Possession
Ability: Lets the caster be in full control of the subject from the inside and has access to all the beasts powers and memories.
Price: 2500 Gold

Name: Beast Speech
Ability: Lets the caster speak to any animal in its normal language.
Price: 5000 Gold

Name: Shape shifting
Ability: Lets the caster change into the form of any animal.
Price: 1000 Gold

Name: Shape Shift Others
Ability: Lets the caster change others into the form of an animal. Only the caster can remove the spell.

Name: Screech of the Aracokra
Ability: When casted, this spell deals 5 damage and deafens
all enemies in the room for 5 turns.
Price: 2000 Gold

Name: Tyrannosaurus Charge
Ability: This spell creates a heard of 25 tyrannosaurus that tramples all enemies within 1 mile dealing them 50 damage each.
Price: 50,000 Gold

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If you have any animal spell ideas please share them with me!