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Zanther's Character Page

This is zanthers character page.....

Player name:

Character name: Zanther

Race: Human (Animorph)



Height: 5'6''

Gold: 0




Dwarven Broad Axe

Elven Armor
Elven Leggings

Magic Items:



Ability's: Zanther can change into any animal at will... it takes him 5 seconds to transform....
Regeneration x3: Heals 3 body points each turn.


Blue eyes,
Blue Hair,
Pale Skin,
Very skinny,
Very fast,
pretty smart,
No Facial hair but a small scar over his eye.


Zanthers parents were killed when he was 5 so he was sent to a lab to be watched but he found out he could transform into animals when he stole his own profile and read it... it said he must touch an animal for 5 second and when the five seconds were up he would have drainned some of their DNA so he broke out of the Lab by transforming into a fly and traveled the world collecting animal data he wasnt sure what he was going to do with these powers untill he was brought to this world and met dungeon master. Dungeon master became his new father and sent him to help others in their quests to escape this world........


If you need help designing a character please feel free to email any players or leave your questions in the occ and someone will help you!!!!!!!