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Dungeon Quest Adventures

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Dungeon Quest Adventures Novel

Quest book

This will give you the quests you will be going on in Dungeon Quest.

1. An Evil Vampire has captured the Princess of Lister and took her to his underground lair. The princess is soon to be married, and her Fiance is offering 2000 gold to each player who helps get his bride back into his arms safely.

2. It is rummored that there is a secret room that holds 100,000 gold, but there is one problem, there are three giant dragons guarding it. Each dragon has 20 Attack, 20 defense, and 30 body. If you can kill the dragons and come out alive each player will recieve 10,000 gold.

3. Angmar the master magician has hired you to retrieve a magic stone. If you can complete this task he will equip each player with an element wand of their choice and 2,000 gold.

4. A group of ninjas have stolen 6 element rings from King Vince. They hid the rings in their underground lair. King Vince is offering 3,000 gold to each player who helps return the six rings.

5. An army of undead have stolen a bunch of resurection elixers from the private storeroom of a witch by the name of Sarfina Krober she is paying each member 500 Gold to retrieve them for her.

E-mail all New Quest Ideas to me.( )

If you can come up with at least 10 New and Diffrent Quests, Items, and Spells I will send you a Limited Edition and/or Rare Item at Random. Thank You. E-mail them too me and if your too Dumb too figure out my E-mail address by now then screw you!!!