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Inventory 3

This page is for the more experianced players who have lots of gold. so Enjoy all the new Armor i came up with.

1. Name: War Hammer:
Price: 5000 Gold
Ability:Gives +15 attack.

2. Name:Razor Sword
Price: 3000 Gold.
Ability: Gives +12 attack

3. Name:Throwing Axe:
Price: 300 Gold
Ability: Throw to deal 5 damage.

4. Name:Great Blade:
Price: 8000 Gold
Ability:Gives +18 attack.

5. Name: Reaper
Price: 10,000 Gold.
Ability: Gives +20 attack.

6. Name:Scythe
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability: Gives +10 attack.

7. Name: Poison Blade
Price: 5000 Gold
Ability: Gives +15 attack and stun damage (enemy cant attack for three turns)

8. Name: Great Battle Sword
Price: 15,000 Gold
Ability: Gives +30 attack.

9. Name: Chain Mace
Price: 5000 Gold
Ability: Gives +12 attak.

10. Name: Cross Bow
Price: 1000 Gold
Ability: Shoot to deal 2 damage.

11. Name:Cross Bow Arrows x10
Price: 300 Gold
Ability: Deals 2 damage with each shoot.

12. Name: Sai x2
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability:: +10 attack can throw to deal 10 damage

13. Name: Demon Blade
Price: 20,000 Gold
Ability: Gives +35 attack and deals 3 burn damage each turn; can only be used by demons.

14. Name: Scimitar
Price: 10,000 Gold
Ability: A Flying Sword that the player controls does 20 damage each turn.

15. Name: Broad Sword
Price: 300 Gold
Ability: Gives +5 attack

16. Name: Mornig Star
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability: Gives +10 attack.

17. Name: Wooden Sheild
Price: 100 Gold
Ability: Gives +2 defense.

18. Name:Fire Sheild
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability: Gives +10 defense and Ice Resistance.

19. Name: Water Sheild
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability: Gives +10 attack and Earth resistance.

20. Name: Shadow Sheild
Price: 2000 Gold
Ability:: Gives +10 attack and light resistance.

21. Name: Spiked Sheild
Price: 5000 Gold
Ability: Gives +5 attack +10 defense and wind resistance.

22. Name: Bastard Sword
Price: 1,500 Gold
Ability: Gives +10 attack.

23. Name: Ninetail Whip
Price: 10,000 Gold
Ability: Gives +20 attack.


Please send me any new armor ideas you may have.