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Blizzard's Character Page

This is a character made by cody hann.

Character Sheet

Player Name: Cody Hann

Name: Blizzard

Race: Wolfen/Mercenary

Age: 120 years old

Weight: 235 lbs.

Height: 6.5 ft

Gender: Male

Gold: 15000




Dragon Blade 
Dragon Scale Sheild
Tool Kit

Plate Mail+

Magic Items:
Amulet Of Strength+


White fur
Silver eyes
Has one eye
Left eye has been slashed shut from a battle
Has a rather long and deep scar on his left eye
Father: Alvalanche is the blacksmith of his town.
Mother: Smooth Stream is Blizzard's mother. She is expecting a little pup.
Brother: White Ash is the youngest brother. He is amongst the town guard.
Sister: Snowflake is White Ash's big sister and Blizzards little sister. She helps out with the house work.

Wolfens are like werewolves just they were never once human, they are not cursed, and they can control themselves. They are mostly hidden from humans, but do
welcome any visitors. They are like anthro wolves or wolves that are like humans, but stand on their hindlegs and wear clothes. Even though peaceful they will fight viciously. Wolfens are strong in many physical ways, but pocess no magic.

If you want to talk to cody about his character please do do in the occ page!!!