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Alucard's Character Page

This is Alucards Character Sheet.

Player Name: Eric Hester

Name: Alucard

Race: Elf/Demon

Age: 450 Years old

Weight: 156 Lbs

Height: 6' foot 2

Gender: Male





Long Sword+
Long Sword

Chain Mail+
Dragon scale Leggings+
Scalemale Boots+
Leather Gloves
Chain Gloves
Chain Gloves+

Gust (Wind)

Magic Items:
Element Wand (Light)


Resistance: Earth

Black Hair
Red Eyes
Half/elf Ears
Red and Black armor

Mother, Father, and siblings were all killed by demon's 300 years ago. Transform's into a "higher Being" increases his move, attack, defense and body by +5, Hair color turns to silver, Eye color changes from red to yellow. Also grows large dragon looking wings. ( can only transform 3 times in each map.) His body size increaes durng the transformation.

After his mother and father were killed he traveled to the underworld to seek vengence on the demon's that slayed his family. After a fierce battle with the demon lord, Alucard came out as the victor by severing the head of the demon. Through his victory the demon's power was transfered to Alucard.

Alucard's email Adress is


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If You would like a character please leave a post on the home page and i will create your character as soon as possible.