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Toa's Character sheet

Player Name: Jamie Bright

Name: Toa Takamisha

Race: Human/Ninja

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 6'2''

Attack: 63

Defense: 62

Body: 20

Gold: 1500

Level: 2

65x Ninja Stars
Dragon Blade
Emerald Bow
Quiver of 200 Arrows
2x Daggers 
Twin Ninja Blade
Lightning Blade
Lock Picking Kit
Tool Kit

Super Ninja Suit

Magic Items:
Neverending Map
Small Potion (heals 5 body)
2x Large Potion (heals 10 body)
Dragons Fang
Krakens Eye
Shadow Anklet


Black Hair
Black Eye
Pale white Skin
Jet black ninja suit with hood 
A decendent of the Ninja Master Usagi
Mother: Rose Takasmisha ( Dead)
Father: Ryu Takamisha (Dead)