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Light Spells

Here is a complete list of all light spells!!!!

All Heal: Heals all damaged players back to their max body.
Price: 800 Gold

Max Health: Heals any one player back to their max body.
Price: 200 Gold

Wrath of God: Creates a giant glowing ball that destroys all enemys in the same room as you.
Price: 2000 Gold.

Lightning Bolt: A giant lightning bolt strikes any enemy dealing it 20 damage.
Price: 900 Gold

Static Shockwave: Deals all enemys 5 damage and they are stunned for three turns.
Price: 300 Gold

Resurrection: Brings a dead friendly character back to full body.
Price: 3000 Gold

Neutralize Disease: This spell cures any disease such as poison, freeze, burn, and shock damage.
Price: 300 Gold

Detect Magic: Can tell if there is a magic user nearby or a magical item nearby.
Price: 200 Gold

Circle Of Protection: This spell lets the caster and all friendly characters have a giant circle around them that protects them from enemy attacks for three turns.
Price: 1000 Gold

Chain Lightning: When cast this spell deals 20 damage to each enemy around you.

Price: 5,000 Gold

Purify Air: When cast this spell removes all gasses or poisons vapors from the air.

Price: 100 Gold

Light: When cast this spell lets the caster and his or her party see in pitch darkness It creates a small candle like object.

Price: 200 Gold

Solar Vision: This spell can be cast on anyone it lets their eyes glow and burn anything they are looking at with the heat of the sun dealing 1000 damage.

Price: 100,000 Gold

Minus Touch: This spell can be cast on anyone. Everything they touch turns to gold. It can only be removed by the caster.

Price: 300 Gold

Rage of Zeus: When cast this spell deals 100 damage divided the way you choose among all enemies in the room.

Price: 10,000 Gold



Holy Aura: when cast this spell gives all party members +10 attack, defense, and body for 1 turn and heals all damage that has been done to them.

Remove Spell: When cast this spell can remove any spell that has been cast on anyone.

Price: 1000 Gold

Sun bomb: When cast this spell creates a small yellow glowing ball that explodes on impact dealing all enemies in the room 5 damage and blinding them for 3 turns.

Price: 2000 Gold


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