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Shadow Spells

This is a complete list of all the shadow spells.

Darkness: Covers the room in complete darkness temporarily blinding everyone
Price: 100 Gold

Summon Shadow Elemental: Creates a large 20 foot tall shadow elemental with 20 attach 20 defense and 100 body for 1 turn
Price: 1000 Gold

Night vision: Lets a player see in complete and partial darkness.
Price: 100 Gold

Shadow Shield: Creates a giant shadow shield that gives all friendly characters + 30 Defense for 3 turns.
Price: 600 Gold

Summon Spirit: Lets the caster talk to a dead person for Ten minutes.
Price: 300 Gold

Destroy Dead: Kills all zombies, Spirits, skeletons, mummies, and Ghosts in Any one room.
Price: 600 Gold

Banish: Lets the caster send any spirit, Demon, or Ghost, back to the underworld locking them in hell.
Price: 200Gold

Nightmare: Lets the caster get inside a character/enemies head and deal him 3 damage every turn until the payer decides to cancel the spell.
Price; 1000 Gold

Teleport: Makes the caster disappear and reappear where ever he/she wants.
Price: 800 Gold

Shape Shift: The caster can turn him/herself into anything.
Price: 2000 Gold

Evil Stare: The caster looks at an enemy and stuns it for three turns.
Price: 500 Gold

Shadow Bomb: The caster can throw a black bomb from his hand to teleport an enemy to an unknown location.
Price: 400 Gold

Platinum Bind: This spell ties an enemy in ropes of platinum dealing them 15 damage each turn and not allowing them to move for 3 turns.

Price: 2,000

Death Touch: This spell creates a giant hand that grabs an enemy sucking out its soul and all life left in it killing them automatically.

Price: 10,000 Gold

Rotting Flesh: This spell can be cast on anyone making their flesh melt off there bodies dealing them 2 damage every turn until they die. This spell can not be cured or prevented unless they have shadow spell Immunity.

Price: 6,000 Gold

Anshars Death Ray: When cast this spell deals 25 damage to any enemies in the room surrounding them in shadows that cut into their skin leaving black holes in their flesh.

Price: 10,000 Gold

Rejuvenation of Osiris: This spell lets you revive all dead beings within a 50 foot radius giving them full attack, defense, and body points.

Price: 10,000 Gold

Will of Hera: When cast this spell lets whomever this spell is cast on become whoever or whatever they want. This spell gives them the ability to change shape for two hours.

Price: 5,000 Gold

Storm of Vengeance: When cast this spell rains Fire balls, Lightning bolts, Acid Rain, and Shadow bombs dealing 20 damage to all enemies in the room. It also deals 10 Burn, Acid, Shadow, and lightening damage every turn.

Price: 60,000 Gold

Vengeful Demon Swarm: This spell creates 3 demon spirits that attack all enemies. ( The demons have 50 attack, 50 defense, and 80 body points.)

Price: 100,000 gold

Ultimate Demon Transformation: When this spell is cast it turns whomever it is cast on into a giant demon with long black curved horns, it raises their attack, defense, and body by 75 for 5 turns.

Price: 500,000 Gold



Necromancer circle: This spell deals 10 damage to all enemies in the room dealing them 15 damage and takes -10 body points each turn.

Price: 30,000 Gold


This is all the shadow spells for now unless anyone has any ideas!!!!