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Wind Spells

New and exciting wind spells added daily!!!!

Gust: Creates a gust of wind that deals 2 damage to all enemys in the same room as you.
Price: 200 Gold

Whirlwind: Creates a whirlwind that deals 5 damage to any enemy.
Price: 300 Gold

Tornado: Creates a large tornado that deals 10 damage to any enemy.
Price: 400 Gold

Cyclone: Creates a giant cyclone that hits every enemy in the room for 5 damage.
Price: 600 Gold

Wind Surfing: Creates a giant cloud that can take all friendly characters to any room in the dungeon.
Price: 700 Gold

Air Jet: A small stream of air shoots from the casters hand dealing 2 damage.
Price: 100 Gold

Summon Air Elemental: creates a giant 20 foot tall air elemental with 20 atk 20 def and 100 body.
Price: 1000 Gold

Walk on Air: Lets the caster walk on air.
Price: 800 Gold.

Wind Blade: This spell sends 5 swords made of wind that cut into any enemy dealing them 5 damage each turn.

Price: 2,000 Gold

Remember: spells can only be used by magic users!!!!!


If you have any wind spell ideas id love to hear em' so please send me whatever ya got!!!!!