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Earth Spells

Look for more new earth spells coming soon!!!!!

Rock Slide: A giant bloder smashes into any one enemy for 10 damage.
Price: 400 Gold

Pit Trap: Choose an enemy and that enemy falls into a pit of spikes and it is delt 15 damage.
Price: 600 Gold

Rock Fist: Give any friendly character + 10 Atk for one turn.
Price: 400 Gold

Vine Whip: Makes two long vines wrap around all enemys and they can not atk or def for 3 turns.
Price: 300 Gold

Quick Sand: Sucks one enemy down into a pti of sand automatically killing him/her.
Price: 300 Gold.

Walk through Earth: This spell allows a subject to pass through earth as though it were air; such as a rock wall or a mud hut.
Price: 200 Gold

Body of Stone: Turns anyone into a stone statue for five turns.
Price: 200 Gold

Stone Missle: Lets the caster create a giant flaming stone that deals 5 damage to any enemy.

Price 300 Gold.

Earthquake: Shakes the whole room that you are in dealing each enemy 3 damage.
Price: 200 Gold

Earth Vision: Lets the caster see through rock,sand, mud, and wood, (no metal)
Price: 100 Gold

Summon Earth Elemental: Creates a giant stone elemental that is 20 feet tall with 20 atk 20 def and 100 body.
Price: 1000 Gold.

Stone Shield: This spell creates a giant stone shield that blocks all people In your party from all enemy attacks and spells for 3 turns.

Price: 200 Gold

Sense Enemy: This spell can be cast at any time it allows you to know if there are any enemies near.

Price: 300 Gold

Rooted Feet: This spell can be cast on anyone whomever it is casted on cannot move, There feet are rooted into the ground and they can not break the roots hold.

Price: 300 Gold

Forge of Hephaestus: This spell creates a giant rock hammer that gives you +50 attack for 3 turns. This weapon looks as if it weights a ton but for the caster it is as light as a feather. It can not be picked up by anyone other then the caster unless the caster casts the spell on someone else.

Price: 150,000 Gold


Please send any earth spell ideas to me!!!