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Dungeon Quest Adventures

Rules And Regulatons
Character Page
Quest book
Special Abilities
Monster Manuel
Inventory 2
Inventory 3
Water Spells
Fire Spells
Earth Spells
Wind Spells
Shadow Spells
Light Spells
Mind Spells
Animal Spells
Magic Items
Ryo Tosaga Character Sheet
Grimbeard Iron fist's Character Sheet
Toa's Character sheet
Shocker's Character Page
Tyranacus Character Page
Alucard's Character Page
Selene's Character Page
Blizzard's Character Page
Lancet Mellisto's Character Page
Natalie Morlin's Character Page.
Aeon Pheonix's Character Page
Kibi Sarawatari Ayumi's character sheet
Zanther's Character Page
Angel of Deaths Character Page
Reptock's character page
Dungeon Quest Adventures Game Fourm
Out Of Character Chat
Photo Album.
Dungeon Quest Adventures Novel


Hello, and welcome to dungeon quest. Dungeon Quest Adventures is a new and exciting RPG that I have created  for fans who like GURPS, Dungeons and Dragons, and Hero Quest. In Dungeon Quest Adventures , your quests will all take place in a dungeon, you as the player have the choice to make any character imaginable. Once you design your character you will be ready to buy your items, skills, and spells from my inventory pages. As the Game Master you must talk to me to join my online gamers in this new and fun RPG. Also you must talk to me so I can make your character sheet so I know that none of my players are cheating. ( Sorry, but there are bad players out there. ) So have fun and let your quest begin!

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Please E-mail me if you have any questions. Thank You!!! (

Creator of Dungeon Quest Adventures: John Weiler

published in the United States by John Weiler and Treetop Games I.N.C, in North Carolina. All copying of this website is prohibited without the permission of John Weiler

Thanks to everyone who made this website possible:
Ryo, Grimbeard, Alucard, My Mom and Dad and Tripod!!! I couldnt have gotten this far without you guy's!